Black Rooster Audio – Plugin Pack 2.5.0 VST, AAX x86 x64

light touch of vintage classic studio equipment combined with modern convenient digital processing make this set an ideal chain of tools for everyday mixing. This amazing kit includes everything you need.

BLACKFACE SC-5: Precisely modeled classic super soft compressor.
BLUEFACE SC-5: Emulation of the 1980 classic Ashly SC-50 Blueface Compressor.
CANARY: Transient processor. Useful when recording or mixing drums.
Cypress TT-15: Guitar Amp.
Edelweiss72: Get to know the highly dynamic mix toolbox and start making sound right now. Our mix of instrumentation tools is designed to step by step improve your signal and give it the finishing touch you need to achieve dynamic and sonic excellence. Edelweiss ’72, specially designed for demanding professionals, is a top-level plug-in that easily competes with well-known plug-ins
Magnetite: this is our reverence for the sound of tape recorders. Simply dial in the desired amount of saturation and heat using the recording gain knob, and Magnetite will add the analog sound of the tape recorder you’re looking for for your mixes.
VEQ-1P: a virtual simulator of the rare equalizer VEQ1P, allowing you to manipulate the low and high end of the spectrum without compromising the mid-range.
VEQ-5: Analogue of the vintage equalizer Pultec MEQ-5.
VHL-2A – The world’s best emulation of an optoelectronic compressor of the late 1960s.
VHL-3C: An analogue of the 1950 processor HLF-3C.
VLA-2A: Emulation of the 1962 LA-2A optoelectronic compressor.
VLA-3A: Emulation of the classic 1969 LA-3A compressor.
VPRE-73: inspired by one of the classic studio preamps.

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