Cinesamples – CineBrass Sonore (KONTAKT)

Sonor (adj.): Resonant; with a rich tone. When you see a “sonor” written in a musical score, the composer simply asks the musicians to play with the maximum resonance, body and tone that they are capable of. This opposite concept to the game is jerky – “sonor” is a thick and warm sound. We intend to capture sections of the pipe and horn in which we maximize tone and body, rather than concentrating exclusively on loud dynamics.
You will notice a wider, more open sound, which takes up more space in the mix in the dynamics of the mezzo-fort. We chose articulation specifically to create melodies. Our greatest influence and inspiration was the organic processes used by the great composers of orchestral music. Recorded at the MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, these ensembles also have a significantly improved legato.

Author: Leauger

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