DJ Swivel – BDE 1.0.0 VST3, AAX x64

BDE is a devastating distortion plug-in with multiple distortion styles, additional effects, M / S and frequency control in addition to the distortion effect, and the world’s first user-defined dynamic protection function to support the dynamic range of any signal as long as the distortion effect is applied.

Styles – BDE offers 6 different distortion styles, each becoming more destructive. From grenade to nuclear blast, BDE offers every distortion style you could ever hope for, perfect for hip-hop, rock, pop, and EDM music.

Dynamic Distortion – The world’s first Dynamic Distortion Prevention function, providing dynamic control up to 96dB. Simply put, if you want your reverb tail to sound distorted without increasing volume and changing dynamics, BDE is the right plugin for you.

Easy to Use – The BDE has an automatic equalization feature that allows the signal to be completely aligned in less than 2 seconds. Simply press the detect button, press the play button on the desired sound, and click again to lock in the ideal signal level for optimal use.

Full control – The BDE has a band bypass feature that allows distortion to be applied to specific parts of the frequency while maintaining the purity of the rest of the signal. In addition, there is an M / S function that allows you to apply distortion to any aspect of the stereo field. If you want your sides to be distorted and the middle part of the signal clear, the BDE will help you.

Additional Effects – Bitcrusher, downsampling, compression, coloration and filters, BDE has a number of additional effects to help you quickly select the sound you want.
So what are you waiting for? Stop using those tiny, petty, unsatisfactory distortions. Give your songs a much needed BDE. Large distortion energy from a large distortion engine.

Author: Leauger

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