Loopmasters – Pop House Vocals (WAV)

Loopmasters are proud to present Pop House Vocals, a sleek collection of gorgeous acapella loops that will bring a humanistic touch to your pieces. Includes 288 MB of royalty-free clean vocals to add expression to your latest tracks.

Beautifully sung, heartfelt and catchy, the tunes have been professionally recorded using the finest microphones, hardware and external equipment, and carefully crafted so that you can only hear high-quality, radio-ready vocals.

4 songs composed of vocal loops, divided into verses, choruses, backing vocals and adlib for maximum ease of use.

This collection will help you create the perfect vocal arrangement to accompany your latest works.

• 4 Song Kits
• 80 Chorus Vocal Loops
• 57 Backing Vocal Loops
• 42 Adlib Vocal Loops
• 39 Lead Vocal Loops
• 29 Verse Vocal Loops
• 10 Harmony Vocal Loops
• 5 Bridge Vocal Loops

Author: Leauger

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