Memorymoon – Plugin Bundle VSTi, x86 x64

Memorymoon v1.8.10 x86 inspired by classic synthesizers (Minimoog). Powerful and bold sound. It has 6 voice cards with three generators, a noise generator, an amplifier and two filters. Features: 6 unison voices. Osc Sync. A lot of envelope curves. Graphic envelopes. Arpeggiator and transgate. Fusion retention. LFO, Voice-LFO.

Memorymoon Messiah 2.1 x64 is a synthesizer whose main distinguishing feature is a low CPU load. The synthesizer has 3 innovative oscillators: a Morph oscillator with 4 waveforms, a Unison oscillator with 7 voices (you can put this oscillator in 5 voice unions to achieve 35 voices), and a Flexi oscillator, which consists of 2 separate waves that can perform PWM (Pulse Width Modulation – Pulse Width Modulation), Ring mod. and phase distortion of the signal with a very low CPU load.

Memorymoon ME80 v1.2.9 x86 & Memorymoon – ME80 v2.4.0 x64 – a synthesizer whose sound resembles the sound of acoustic instruments, quite the same with a real expression. It is also possible to form the tone of wind instruments on it.

Author: Leauger

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