PulseSetter Sounds – Detonator Rage (KONTAKT)

Hundreds of aggressive percussion one-shots and multisamples for sound trailer music design. The best of modern analogue, spreadsheet, fm synthesizers and guitar samples have been used to create modern sounds for your next trailer hit production.

This unique sample library fills a niche to expand your sound design ideas by letting you perform the sounds and inspire you to create rhythmic tonal foundations for your tracks. Tons of aggressive sounds, round robin impacts and huge amount of Brammers will keep you stocked on original sound sources or ready made sounds.


• 44.1k – 24 Bit (Processed in 96k)
• 9GB Uncompressed (5gb Compressed)
• Royalty Free
• Sources recorded in 96k


• For Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8+
• Kontakt Full Only
• 280 Instruments
• Custom GUI with Big Knob
• Filter, Distortion, Reverb, Delay, Pan.


• Performance Patches (Load all hits)
• Trailer Elements (Brass, synth, guitar, pads, plucks, loops)
• Impacts (Round robin and non round robin)

Author: Leauger

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