Roland Cloud – Drum Studio – Acoustic One 1.2 (CONCERTO)

Classical drum sounds for a modern studio and live performance.
Since the Vaudeville era of the 1920s, the drum kit has been the backbone of popular music. A light touch of the brush on the snare, a pedal bounce on the vintage drum drum head. These moments make the game look like nothing else. Drums formed the basis of English rock, cool Chicago blues, traditional jazz … With the release of Drum Studio Roland Cloud offers high-quality acoustic sampled drums for your studio and live performances.
Drum Studio’s classic sets come from a history of craftsmanship born in the south and in Quebec. We recorded these cutting-edge samples with modern instruments. Now these carefully recorded drum sounds are yours. Presets such as Rock It, Backbeat, Wooden Hoops, Nashville, and more, provide starting points in a variety of styles, useful for various applications.
Drum Studio includes 6 barrels, 5 snares, 9 volumes and 7 cymbals, sampled with different articulations and many microphone locations

Author: Leauger

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