Sonuscore – Ethnic Flute Phrases (KONTAKT)

Ethnic Flute Phrases is the beginning of a new chapters in the success story of our Lyric series. This is a composer toolkit invented to capture the exceptional magic of live instruments. Ethnic Flute Phrases open new horizons, offering incredible expressiveness to four selected Asian flutes. These flutes provide an incredible emotional character. The result is a versatile and easy to use tool with a wide variety of passionate lyric phrases.


With two short end phrases per theme, you can conclude and switch between passages easily. The speed knob at the center allows precise timing control. All phrases were recorded to fit multiple tempi and remain expressive without a set meter.


To merge the powers of both traditional and phrase-based sampling, three legato solo flutes have been included. They provide two additional playing techniques for you. Either to connect or to advance existing phrases, or even to craft your own ones. Be prepared to implement your creative vision with ease into your scores.


Each theme comes with 15 different phrases (starting, middle and end phrases). They are designed to perfectly fit your track. In addition, there are two short endings per theme to quickly end a phrase. This setup gives you the freedom to conveniently combine different phrases the way you want.

• 900+ matchless and live performed phrases
• 17 diverse themes
• 4 Asian flutes
• 3 legato instruments

Author: Leauger

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