Sonuscore – ha-pi Concert Harp (KONTAKT)

Where words fail, music gets its power. An emotional delicacy of our concert, the harp breaks the right strings to soften even the heaviest of hearts.

Simple strikes of ha-pi strings can turn into mysterious, unearthly soundscapes with the Glow slider. In addition, ha-pi was recorded with 5 loops and includes knobs to change attack, release, dynamic range, as well as tone, ambience, and mix between two recorded articulations: Naturals and Harmonics.

For starters, we’ve included 11 color presets that you can choose right from our streamlined user interface. ha-pi is a divinely inspired concert harp with shimmering tones and an enigmatic atmosphere.

• 2 Recorded Articulations: Natural and Harmonics
• Up to 4 velocity layers
• 5 round robins
• Glow slider for incredible atmosphere
• Control Attack, Release, Dynamic Range, Harmonics, Tone and Ambience
• 11 color presets
• Lightweight, streamlined interface
• 1.4GB of pure intimacy

Author: Leauger

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