Strezov Sampling – WOTAN Male Choir (Player Edition)

Starting July 20th, we are proud to announce that all of our Next Generation Choir products will be coded for Free Kontakt Player and will also be supported by the NKS control standard. In addition to this, each choir will receive one major free update, adding performance fixes, as well as new features and minor improvements over the coming weeks. Each week there will be a different choir in the spotlight.

The first in line is the male choir WOTAN.


  • Full NKS and Kontakt Player Support
  • Update to the latest version of Syllabuilder engine with the latest functions
  • Powerful Performance patch based on the engine of the one in Storm Choir Ultimate
  • Velocity Dynamic Influencer
  • Panning and stereo spread controls on each microphone position
  • Advanced options for the Legato patches (niente, sustain pedal notes, remapping of controls)
  • GUI changes
  • Updated in-patch Manual
  • Minor tweaks and improvements

Author: Leauger

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