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Xfer Serum is one of the most powerful Wavetable synthesizers to date, a dream machine for many, but not sound for Psytrance producers. Psytrance For Serum charges this programmable beast with rich textures, intricate strings, powerful basses, colorful synthesizers, atmospheres and more.

Filled with new, amazing Serum presets, this Psytrance blend is unlike any other. Prepared to shake the web out of your studio, this set of presets transforms Serum in seconds with a huge chunk of 134 Psytrance presets designed exclusively to enhance your tracks. Each preset is ready to use right out of the box, combines, overlays, or adjusts each sound for the infinite world of Psytrance exaltation.

This pack is great for Psytrance, Classic Goa, Progressive Trance, Psy Chill, Dark Psy and everything in between. The mostly unused source of sounds Psytrance is now waiting for release, but wait, we also included all the audio from the preview. You will find 4 songs, with full mixes and separate foundations, using mainly the sounds from this collection of presets to demonstrate their production power. Several alternative sounds and drums were used to enhance the beginning of the song, but many presets were used to create them. Midi was also included to inspire your programming, preparing your studio for a 3-phase attack, presets, to turn your Serum synthesizer into a Psytrance power station, launch songs for creative talent and Midi,

This unique set of Psytrance presets, midi and audio is 100% free and ready for immediate download after purchase. All included audio was processed in 24-bit Wav format, and the overall pack was compressed significantly to speed up loading. So, if you are a Psytrance producer and you have or are planning to purchase a Serum synthesizer, this must have an attached set of presets.

• Presets – Atmos – 12
• Presets – Bass – 28
• Presets – Chord – 01
• Presets – FX – 09
• Presets – Pads – 02
• Presets – Sequences – 37
• Presets – Synth – 40
• Presets – Zaps – 06

• Song Starters x4 Audio – (includes full mixes, individual drums, bass, synths, seq, fx and more). – 114
• Song Starters x4 Midi – 36

• Total Presets – 134
• Total Samples – 114
• Total Midi – 36
• Tempo – 140bpm
• Unzip Size – 4.7GB

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